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Bigger and better than ever

Case Study

St. Michaels College

When St. Michael’s College first trialled Edval products in 2009, the results spoke for themselves and so began a timetabling revolution for the College. Nine years later, St. Michael’s is undergoing some big changes and once more, the Edval team is there to help.

The populations of both Yr7 and Yr8 at St. Michael’s is expected to increase substantially in 2019. A brand new building will provide 11 additional classrooms and is due for completion in May this year (2018). Also under consideration are 2 new portable classrooms (aka transportables/demountables) to be used for Technology and Art.

Alan Crierie, Timetabler

“I highly recommend Edval services and their products. Their staff have vast experience in timetabling and this enables very quick and accurate modelling which can be used for future planning in staffing and resource requirements. They are highly professional and always prompt and reliable in solving difficult problems.”

Alan Crierie, Timetabler, wanted to model the new timetable to firstly, ensure that the proposed rooming would be adequate, to confirm the number of new teachers required, and finally, to include new academic structures for Years 7, 8 and 9. Not exactly a simple feat for most schools.

But it’s all in a day’s work for Edval! Actually, it took an Edval Consultant less than an hour(!) to produce the model timetable once all requirements had been entered. The completed timetable was considered to be better educationally; providing all Yr 7 students the opportunity to study the full range of electives. It also showed that one less teacher was needed and no transportables were required at all. Both being incredible financial savings for the College.

With big changes it’s expected big challenges will follow. Edval’s ability to model such changes, catering to various scenarios, really is a godsend to schools. The power of Edval was evident once again in helping find the best outcome for the staff and students at St. Michael’s College.