Daily Organisation

Manage day to day variations to your cyclical timetable with Edval Daily. When changes occur, as they always do, Edval Daily allows you and your staff to be notified, informed, and proactive.

Store Information

Store teacher, room, class and student information

Record excursions, events and other non-cyclical timetable activities

Show timetables of teachers, classes, students, or rooms

Create and staff exam timetables

Manage Daily Changes

Cover classes and duties with casuals, extras, in-lieus or teacher swaps either automatically or manually

Merge or cancel classes

Manage room changes and bookings

Produce Daily Bulletins that can be printed or emailed to staff

Produce Day Sheets that can be printed or emailed to staff to show a teacher's timetable for the day, their classes, covers, room changes, duties and events/excursions

Synchronise, Export and Print

Produce analysis reports of staff absences, teacher statistics, cost savings

Export or synchronise with/to external systems

Cater to your school

Replacing staff at the last minute is difficult - its a burden faced by schools day in, day out. Until now. Edval Daily's newest feature is designed to reduce the time and stress spent contacting casual teachers for work on any given day.

SMS Casual

The SMS Casual option, allows the bulk sending of SMSs to shortlisted Casual teachers in a single click. This option automatically:

Manages responses and closes a job when positions are filled.

Sends notifications to both successful and unsuccessful applicants

Automatically makes the Casual teacher available for cover in the system.

Let the Experts Help

Our consultants are the heart and soul of Edval. They are ready, willing and highly able to offer expert support to our schools.


In addition to in-depth knowledge of the Edval product range, our consultants have the experience and know-how when to comes to school scheduling.

Some of the enquiries we have helped with include:

State Government Schools - Can we support the proposed student numbers under the new curriculum based on current room sizes and layouts?

Individual Schools - How can we model the new curriculum to make better use of scarce resources?

Groups of Schools - How can we generate timetables collaboratively, enable sharing of resources and ensure all parties receive training & consultation?

Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.