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Independent School Case Study

Court Moor School

Court Moor School’s Assistant Headteacher, Sara Downes, was tasked with writing the school timetable, a task she had not done previously, on a program she was unfamiliar with using. On the recommendation of a colleague, she turned to Edval and, over the next two years, the results have been tremendous.

Like many schools, Court Moor School had previously relied on a single timetabler to manually produce their entire timetable for the school year. It was an arduous task where the process was understood by few others, and when changes were needed, there was very little flexibility to do so. The learning curve was a steep one for Sara, but the capabilities of the Edval software were apparent right from the start, and the support from the consultants helped her to get the job done in the limited time available.

Savings Cost

Through the use of Edval software, the school estimates an incredible saving of £88,000 on staffing in 2016 and £69,000 in 2017. For the first time, the team could strategically plan for a range of staffing scenarios within minutes and make informed decisions. During a period where school budgets across the country were being reduced, Court Moor School was not only able to prevent redundancies, but their savings had a positive impact on their school budget.

Science Lab Savings

Court Moor School was considering an expensive conversion of an existing room into a new science lab as some of their science classes were forced to share theory rooms. By using Edval’s auto-rooming functions and assistance from the support team, they were able to increase lab occupancy rates to allow more science students access to labs. This meant no expensive conversion, no disruptions during construction, and no loss of an existing classroom as a result.

100% Student Satisfaction

By building a timetable around the students’ choices, as opposed to the students fitting into the constraints of a timetable program, Court Moor School has achieved 100% success in granting course requests – a first in the school’s history.

Decreased Staffing Splits

With many part-timers, especially in the MFL and English Departments, Court Moor School found they always had to split classes. Using Edval software however, they were able to generate a solution without any split classes at all. The result was more consistent teaching and reduced administration in handovers between teachers