5 Reasons to Join Us

We help hundreds of schools and create thousands of timetables every year. We’ve seen it all! Our team are experts at what they do and can advise on how to achieve the best results for your school.

Our Reputation

Schools love us! We are trusted by all types of educational institutions, all over the world. Our success rate is second to none. Once a school comes on board, they always choose to stay.

Our Solutions

We believe scheduling is an art. Timetables should reflect quality and provide the best solution for the school. Optimum use of teachers and rooming, granting more elective choices, seamlessly covering absences etc is just the start of how we can help schools.

Save Time

Our software can generate a timetable almost as quickly as you can ask for it. Once the data is in, it’s so easy to model various scenarios - all within minutes - until the best results are achieved.

Save Money

We can help find ways to deliver a school’s curriculum at the same high standards but with fewer classes. Even 1 or 2 less classes, it all adds up! Fewer classes = Less staffing costs = Greater annual savings

Everybody Wins


Schools Win

Solutions-based software that is highly reputable and designed to evolve with your school.

Teachers Win

Ability to easily review rosters, schedule meetings and book rooms/equipment at any time.


Students Win

Focus on achieving course satisfaction and providing students with an enjoyable educational experience.


Parents Win

Efficient and hassle-free scheduling of parent-teacher meetings.