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Edval: Planning for the Future

Case Study

Christian Brothers College

For 140 years, Christian Brothers College has enjoyed a reputation of excellence in boys education. For the first time in the College’s history, the decision was made to outsource their timetabling needs. With Edval’s assistance, this decision will help ensure the College continues to prosper long into the future.

“Edval Timetabler in Residence has been one of the best value add and value for money decisions I have made in my 15 years of serving as Principal.”

Noel Mifsud, Principal

Located in Adelaide, Christian Brothers College (CBC) serves over 1100 students and 130 teachers over three campuses. Principal, Noel Mifsud, recognised the need for a change to the status quo, however was unsure whether the investment would be a value add to the existing personnel and procedures. In 2016, he decided to bring in a Consultant under Edval’s Timetabler in Residence service… and he hasn’t looked back!

The timetable for CBC was produced quickly and, to the delight of many staff, released in week 4 of Term 4, allowing for forward planning and collaboration amongst teachers. The Edval Consultant worked with the Principal, Assistant Principal, Learning & HR Manager, Coordinators, Teachers and Support Staff to create, what Noel described as, “a truly collaborative timetable exceeding all our KPIs and expectations”. The nuances of the College’s culture, its values and individual staff and student needs were still considered and reflected –

“Parents and students wrote to me stating their appreciation of how accommodating of students’ needs the timetable was”.

After exploring more efficient staffing models, the Consultant was able to save the College considerably in terms of financial costs. In addition to this, the College has seen fewer staff absences and more positive attitudes due to the right teachers being assigned to the right subjects.

Having a dedicated Edval Consultant on-site gave the College insight into modern timetabling applications and clever scheduling efficiencies, but more importantly, the process revealed a new, collaborative direction for the future of Christian Brothers College.