Innovative Scheduling for an Evolving School

Customer Case Study: Warrnambool College

Luke Harris first learned of Edval at a conference and was quick to see the opportunities it presented for his school to work smarter with their own timetable and class allocations. This was the beginning of some big changes at Warrnambool College and its growing student population.

A solid development schedule and implementation of customer ideas and suggestions, allows me to be a part of the software that I am using.

Luke Harris, Timetabler & Systems Manager, Warrnambool College

Right from the onset, Edval was able to effectively roll a two-person timetabling job into a manageable role for a single staff member. Luke credits Edval’s service and support to this feat. The quick turnaround he experienced via the online ticketing system was invaluable and he recounts, “if I get really stuck and need to talk to someone, an expert is always on hand through a quick phone call”. Luke also found the innovative software welcomes user input or product feedback by noting, “a solid development schedule and implementation of customer ideas and suggestions, allows me to be a part of the software that I am using”.

When asked what feature of Edval has made a significant difference to the College, Luke believes it to be Edval Choice. “I’d have to say that the flexibility we now have with Edval Choice for our subject allocations for students has been the biggest change. We can now offer multi-streamed programs and get a true insight into the actual preferences that students have entered.”

Warrnambool College’s staffing profiles was also greatly improved with Edval’s help. They are now able to plan for different scenarios, years in advance, like never before. The reports Edval can generate provided detailed insights into the College’s particular learning areas. Luke concludes “it’s helped us streamline our staffing so we are achieving maximum efficiency with regards to our staffing budget”.

Managing day to day operations with Edval Daily and Edval Staff were real game-changers for Warrnambool College. The ability for the Daily Organiser to have access offsite via the web service has been life-changing and the speed and ability in which covers can be organised is second to none. Also, managing class and subject changes directly whilst in conversations with students is surprisingly simple.


By partnering with Edval, Warrnambool College can continue to evolve and innovate its practices, ensuring its staff and students thrive for many more years to come.






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