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Achieving Positive Outcomes

Case study

Kennet School

The task of generating a timetable can often seem daunting to the inexperienced. So when Kennet School Deputy Headteacher, Chris Ellison, was assigned the role of school timetabler, he decided to enlist specialist support from Edval Timetables.

With a large student body of around 1800, Kennet is an Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ academy located in Thatcham, Berkshire. Chris had no prior experience of writing a school timetable and felt he had much to learn in this area. However, with specialist help from Edval, Kennet staff and students were able to benefit from a number of incredible improvements:

Savings Cost

With tighter and more efficient timetabling, Kennet School were able to reduce their annual staffing bill by an astonishing £300k

Decreased Staffing Splits

Part-time staffing at Key Stage Two meant that many classes were historically split between two teachers. Using Edval, the school were able to better manage and often decrease the number of split classes, leading to a more consistent quality of education for Kennet students.

No more after school classes

Due to constraints in previous timetabling systems, the school were accustomed to running many Key Stage Five classes outside the school day. Since using Edval, Kennet School have ‘virtually eliminated’ the need for any classes to run after school.

‘It is a tough task to improve the quality of a timetable whilst making significant financial savings’ says Chris ‘But the consultants who worked with our school helped to deliver incredible results. Describing Kennet School’s experience with Edval as ‘very positive’, he adds that ‘I can certainly recommend them to other schools who seek to achieve these sorts of positive outcomes’