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UK Case Study

Loreto Secondary School



Loreto Secondary School in Kilkenny, Ireland. Principal, Colm Keher, was looking to help his school through the aftermath of the recession and resulting strains on resources. He went in search of a solution and found Edval. Impressed with what he read online, Colm contacted Edval via email and soon afterwards, was in discussions with an Edval consultant about his school’s situation. The main area of concern was what they were able to offer their students in terms of subject options.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Solution

Within 24 hours, Edval had come up with a solution that was not only better than the current arrangement, but also far superior to that of previous years. Colm started using the Edval Timetable package and found it extremely easy to use and navigate. He says, “I loved the way in which you could go from full automation to as manual as you need it to be to make the changes that you want. It’s intuitive, it’s user- friendly, and the Timetabler is in charge of what the outcome is.” Managing his school’s day to day events and operations with Edval Daily had similarly pleasing results: simple to use, effective and a great time saver. Colm notes he was impressed with Edval’s ability to sync up with the admin software seamlessly, again saving his staff valuable time.

Friendly, Helpful Staff

Colm noticed that from day one, the Edval consultants were very passionate, quick to help with any issues that arose and willing to tweak their product to suit the needs of his school, and in the larger sense, the Irish market. He concludes that “I love working with Edval. Every year I see new reasons for loving it and find out new things about the product”