Improve student outcomes through your timetable

Your school timetable can be a great vehicle for supporting your students and enabling their success. Dive into our resource hub to learn how to improve student opportunity and choice, build better lines, optimize your distribution of resources and be innovative about your curriculum. 

Create a timetable that helps your students succeed

At Edval we help schools revolutionize their school operations with extraordinary software solutions, so they can support their students to improve outcomes.


Develop better elective lines

Good elective lines form the foundation of any good timetable. With great lines or options for your students, you can set them up for success! 

Better lines can help to maximize student satisfaction across multiple year levels, consider resources (teachers and rooms) and reduce shared classes. Learn more about how in our free ebook.

Top Tips for Better Subject Selection

A little planning and preparation for the subject selection process can greatly reduce stress and student counselling later. We’ve gathered together 10 easy tips to help you.

Improve student opportunity with Shared Lines

For Denison College in Bathurst, providing maximum opportunities and meeting the individual needs of their students is the highest priority. We worked with them last year to implement a new feature, the Shared Lines algorithm, which helped them improve student opportunity by 220%.

Top Tips for Elective Line Generation

The elective line generation process is a critical phase in preparing a timetable. Get it right and you have laid a strong foundation for great outcomes for both students, and the running of your school.

“With every 2 unit Senior class costing around $40,000 over the two years, getting accurate data through Edval in relation to subject selections and student preferences helps us make better-informed decisions.

Edval also helps us to offer appropriate curriculum offerings and structure, to help support student outcomes at all levels.” 

Byron Smith, HT Mathematics & Timetabler, Peel High School


Reduce School Costs with Smarter Timetabling

What is the cost of your timetable? A simple question perhaps – but the answer is complex. When asked, most schools immediately think of either the cost of timetabling software or else the cost in staff time and expense in performing the task of ‘doing’ the timetable. 

However it’s even more than that, the true cost of timetabling is the solution, and the solution should support the students. Read our free ebook to learn more!

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