As Edval Timetables UK continues to make waves in the UK, co-founder Chris Cooper was last week awarded £5000 as part of the prestigious Cool Initiatives Education Challenge. Edval UK have pledged to use the £5000 to create free basic timetable audits and option block reviews for all UK secondary schools to identify areas for improvements. A third of UK schools are in financial deficit’ says Edval’s Chris Cooper. ‘If invested into teaching and

Technology firm Edval has become the first timetable software provider in Australia to exchange live school timetable data successfully with government schools through a state department of education. Working with the NSW Department of Education and the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP), Edval has developed a system allowing timetable data to be exchanged and used across NSW The system, first piloted in July, is expected to pave the way for schools to have greater choice