Edval’s landmark timetable data integration an Australia-wide first

Technology firm Edval has become the first timetable software provider in Australia to exchange live school timetable data successfully with government schools through a state department of education.

Working with the NSW Department of Education and the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP), Edval has developed a system allowing timetable data to be exchanged and used across NSW

The system, first piloted in July, is expected to pave the way for schools to have greater choice and control over the software they use, whether that is for timetabling or other essential school software

“After two years assisting the NSW Department of Education, we’ve reached an integration milestone ensuring better choice across schools in NSW and beyond,” Edval co-founder, Dr Tim Cooper says.

“By building an app allowing the two-way exchange of timetable data from schools, we have pioneered a level of integration that will end up giving principals and management better control.”