Could your timetable be the answer to your bullying problem?

As a school executive or teacher, it is a constant challenge to tackle bullying. Small fixes make a difference in the classroom on a given day, but imagining a solution that works more holistically against the problem seems far-fetched. Curriculum-based anti-bullying strategies are not usually the first approach considered. But the right technology can help you timetable smarter in a way that not only improves the running of your school but the wellbeing and experience of your students in and out of the classroom.

How can timetabling technology reduce bullying?


Clever Class List Management

An easy and effective approach to tackling classroom bullies is to ensure they’re not placed in the same classes as their likely victims or their likely partners in crime. In the Edval Timetabling software, you can specifically address bullying by grouping students. Tagging two or more students as a ‘Mischievous Pair’ or ‘Buddy Pair’ ensures they end up where they need to be – together or apart. The software will then alert you if these grouped students are placed incorrectly in classes.



Reduce student movement and distraction

While there will always be some movement by students between classes, the amount of movement can be minimised or planned wisely with the right technology. The smarter way to schedule movement by students is during break periods like lunch and recess, where students are already moving around the school! This reduces the ability to misbehave between class and minimises the risk of bullying happening out of sight of staff.



Flexible structure and dynamic changes

The ability to make easy but important changes throughout the year is a key advantage of good timetabling software. When changes to class lists are required, the ability to do so quickly and easily, with minimal disruption, can make all the difference when it comes to classroom bullying. Edval has a powerful feature that makes grouping and reshuffling class pairings and students easy, relieving stress when responding to bullying issues. 

The school timetable is a big deal, and for some, it can be a big stress. But timetabling doesn’t have to fill you with dread. At Edval we are passionate about helping schools find the best solutions. With innovative software and services, we can help you get the best outcomes possible. 

If you want help creating the best solution for your school, get in touch with us.