Make the move to Edval 10

With all the great features of Edval 9 and more, Edval 10 is the latest version of our flagship desktop timetabling software Edval. With an intuitive new interface and even more powerful algorithms, you'll love the move to Edval 10. To request access to Edval 10, click the button below.

Edval 10 Frequently Asked Questions

In order to include some new functionality and to pave the way for exciting future developments, we have changed the underlying software.  In the process, we have redesigned the layout and improved functionality, adding some long-requested new features. We are referring to this version as Edval 10 or E10. 

Is it cloud based?

No, Edval 10 is a single user desktop product. We are in the process of moving this to the cloud but for now it remains a windows-based desktop product.

How much will it cost?

Edval 10 will not cost you any extra, it is covered in your annual subscription fee.

Do I need training?

We do not believe you will need training to use Edval 10. The basic functionality of the program has not changed. The Knowledge base has been extensively updated to cover the fundamentals of using the new interface and support is readily available via Get Help on the product dashboard. However, if training is required, we have developed self-paced online training courses. Information on these training courses can be found here. 

Will my old files work?

The data is backwards compatible which means schools may open the file either in  Edval 9 or Edval 10.

What if I don’t like the new version?

You are welcome to keep using Edval 9 but we are no longer adding any features to the Edval 9 product.  To make the most of your timetabling experience we recommend you switch to Edval 10. 

Does it work with Edval Daily, Edval Interviews and Edval Choice?

Yes, it is fully integrated with Edvals online products.

Can we still use Edval Staff?

Yes, Edval Staff can continue to be used by those administering student enrolments, and changes are processed by Edval 10 in the same way that Edval 9 did. We are currently developing an online version of Edval Staff called Classlist. This will be available to all schools in 2023.

Does it work with my Admin System?

Edval 10 integrates with over 70 admin systems. In addition to this we have developed a custom exporter so that schools can create their own data exports. 

Does it hold family data?

Family data is no longer stored in the timetable etz file. It can be uploaded to the Edval web server via a csv import file for use with Edval Interviews.

So what’s new?

We are glad you asked.

  • New layout 
  • New Dashboard with a What’s New section containing release notes as well as a section on Helpful hints 
  • Improved features for enhanced user experience and intuitive navigation
  • Improved and additional optimisation algorithms 
  • Undo/Redo  
  • Bulk teacher assignment for meetings 
  • Tabs for common functions 
  • Ability to create custom shortcuts 
  • Ability to create custom exports 
  • New pre-requisite functionality for Edval Choice 
  • New flexible working screen to add teacher unavailability