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Edval’s training courses and workshops are designed to equip new users with the skills to master our software.

"Edval's training is some of the best I have ever undertaken. It is the gold standard for self-paced online learning."

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Edval offers self-paced online training courses and face to face workshops.

Self-paced online courses (for Edval Timetable & Edval Daily): Cost is $395+GST per course Edval face-to-face workshops: Cost per day is $530+GST (unless quoted otherwise). To access our training courses, click the button below.

Online Self-paced Training

Our online courses allow you to learn the essentials of Edval Timetable & Edval Daily at any time and at your own pace. Cost is $395+GST per course.

With each course you will receive:

  • Over 20 short instructional and interactive videos
  • Up to 12 months access (3 months for Edval Daily Essentials)
  • Hands-on scenario activities in Edval Timetable or Daily, using our specialised training programs
  • Can be completed in one, or multiple sittings (when it suits you)
  • Allows schools to save on travel and teacher relief costs
D1 - Timetable Essentials
Start your Edval Timetable journey here. This online course is designed to be a self-paced introduction to the Edval timetabling program and equip you with the knowledge and skills required to successfully use the program. This is a prerequisite before attempting Timetable Development, or attending our face-to-face workshops.
D2 - Timetable Development (Coming Soon)
Prerequisite: Timetable Essentials. This is the second part of our Edval Timetable training program and focuses on developing a new timetable for the following year.  Topics covered include rolling over your timetable, generating elective lines, creating classes and checking your requirements before constructing a timetable.
Daily Essentials
The Edval Daily Essentials course will fast track you to becoming a super user of Edval Daily. Daily is our cloud-based daily organistion application used to manage day to day variations to the school's cyclical timetable. When changes occur, as they always do, Edval Daily allows you and your staff to be notified, informed, and proactive.
Aurora College (NSW Schools)
This is a free online course open to teachers whose schools are partners with Aurora College. It outlines what is required to prepare your timetable file to align with the requirements for Aurora College’s grid structure.

Face-to-face Workshops

For Edval Timetable trainees, you must have first completed the D1 – Timetable Essentials & D2 – Timetable Development courses as a pre-requisite to attend. Please ensure that you are booking in a training session that is based in your state. Only one booking to be submitted per person. Participants are expected to arrive at 8:30am for a 9:00am start.


Line Generation Workshop
D3 - Timetable Construction Workshop
Edval Timetable (Primary Schools)
Line Generation Workshop
Line Generation Workshop


Prerequisite: D2 – Timetable Development

These 1-day workshops offer an opportunity for the timetabling team to have dedicated time to work on the school timetable with an Edval consultant in a small group scenario. Schools can have their questions answered and receive assistance with their school file. The cost for this workshop is $530+GST per person.

D3 - Timetable Construction
D3 - Timetable Construction
Prequisites: D1 – Timetable Essentials & D2 – Timetable Development

This workshop is the third and final part of the Effective Timetabling course and covers most of the tools and techniques that you will need when constructing a timetable automatically in Edval. Topics covered include:

  • Checking for problems before you start
  • Creating a matrix type grid
  • Adding your years one at a time
  • Modifications that solve difficult problems
  • Splitting classes to balance loads

It is expected that participants will bring their own school file with them. This file should be at ‘Champagne bottle’ stage, or in the final stages leading up to this where problems exist that you would like help in solving. The cost for this workshop is $530+GST per person.

Edval Timetable (Primary Schools)
Edval Timetable (Primary Schools)


This is a two day course for Primary School timetablers. The first day (P1) introduces the Edval timetable software, and covers data entry. This training promotes confidence and competence in your ability to understand the software and edit your timetable requirements.  Topics covered include:

  • Menu overview and shortcut keys
  • Setting up your grid, bell times and different days
  • Managing the school timetable knowledge through data entry screens
  • How to get days off for teachers or put them in one teaching room across the cycle
  • Setting up your classes with the right timetable structure

The second day (P2) includes the tasks associated with the timetable using the Edval tools. Topics covered include:

  • Preparing your timetable requirements for construction
  • Constructing your timetable
  • Working on your timetable
  • Class list management
  • Playground duties

The cost for this workshop is $530+GST per day, per person.

Edval’s training courses and workshops are specifically designed to introduce new users to our software. If you have any questions, please click the button below.