As a school executive or teacher, it is a constant challenge to tackle bullying. Small fixes make a difference in the classroom on a given day, but imagining a solution that works more holistically against the problem seems far-fetched. Curriculum-based anti-bullying strategies are not usually the first approach considered. But the right technology can help you timetable smarter in a way that not only improves the running of your school but the wellbeing

In these ever-changing times, the key to keeping your school running smoothly is your ability to create a safe environment for everyone that reduces the risk of coronavirus spreading through your community. Whether you're supporting the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils in school while other students learn from home, co-ordinating a phased return to help control infections, or focusing on measures to keep all staff and pupils in school, being able to manage these complexities by easily adapting your timetable will

Whether you use an automated subject selection tool like Edval Choice; which can make the process more streamlined and easier to manage, or are still using paper forms to collect student preferences, a little planning and preparation for this process can greatly reduce stress later. Reducing not only the amount of student counseling required at later stages but also the accuracy and validity of the preferences given. With this in mind, here are our