COVID-19 Timetabling Resources

At Edval one of our core values is to own the problem and provide the solution. The ever-evolving COVID-19 situation has brought with it many challenges for schools that are best addressed through the timetable. In response to this, we have created a variety of features and advice to help you navigate your unique school needs.


Effective timetabling for remote learning

How do we create remote timetables that best serve teachers and students? As an education industry, we’re in a time of upheaval. Teachers and students everywhere are learning new skills every day to overcome the challenges of online learning, paused curriculums and inequalities of resources. We explore some of the options for creating an effective remote learning timetable in this article.

Timetabling for social distancing: A gradual return to face-to-face school

For many schools around the world (including NSW in Australia) the gradual return to face-to-face school is being implemented, bringing with it, new requirements for schools to adhere to for appropriate social distancing. These requirements present a significant timetabling challenge – one which we at Edval hope to help you navigate. In this article, we have put together a variety of advice for your school to consider.

New features

Staggered Return Feature

This new addition to our COVID-19 suite of features in Edval 10 will help you to more easily timetable a staggered return of students to school, supporting splitting classes to reduce class size where required, and marking teachers as unavailable.

Social Distance Scheduler

As a response to the recent need for some of our Edval schools to return to some sort of face-to-face learning, we have developed a new feature in Edval 10. This feature will help you easily determine an efficient arrangement of student attendance according to social distancing guidelines. 

Social Distance Scheduler Sync to Edval Daily

This automation allows you to easily sync priority classes created from our social distance scheduling feature to Edval Daily.
Making it simple for you to know where your students are on a day-to-day basis.

Contact Tracing Assistant feature

Whether you are using the Social Distance feature or not, you can use the Contact Tracing Assistant feature in Edval 10.
This feature allows you to see what other students or teachers have been exposed to a particular student or teacher (within the timetable) if they have been confirmed with COVID19.

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