Social Distance Scheduler

As a response to the recent need for some of our Edval schools to return to some sort of face-to-face learning, we have developed a new feature in Edval 10. This feature will help you easily determine an efficient arrangement of student attendance according to social distancing guidelines.

This feature will help those schools looking to run their existing timetable. It reads the current timetable file, class lists and rooming, and allocates students the appropriate on-site and remote days.

Social Distance Feature FAQs

When will this Social Distance feature be available?

The initial release of this feature will occur on the 29/4/20, with additional updates published as they’re ready.  As this is the first release, not every feature will be complete upon access on the 29/4/20.

Will there be a cost involved to use this feature?

No, you can have access to this feature as an existing customer of Edval. It is fully available to our customers who use Edval9 and those who use Edval10. If you are not an existing customer of Edval, although there is a possibility of subscribing to Edval and using this feature, please be aware that swapping to Edval typically takes 3-4 weeks.

How can we get access to this feature?

You can request access to this feature by contacting us here. If you would like access to use this feature, contact us whether you are a current Edval 9 or Edval 10 user and we will send you access.

Will there be instructions on how to use it?

Detailed instructions for use are available inside the feature. We are also holding a free webinar to go through the feature in more detail, if you’re interested you can register here. Knowledge Base documents will be developed as soon as possible, although are not ready at this stage.

Where can we get help for this if we need it?

For the feature itself, everything you need to know is available inside the application. If you need additional help, you can contact us through the normal support channels. 

Will this feature be available in Edval 9?

Due to time constraints, we will only be adding this feature to Edval 10. However, we are making this feature available to all customers if they request it. Current Edval 9 users can download Edval 10 and use it, even if only for the purpose of using this feature. You can fill in this form to request access. Edval 10 is backwards compatible, meaning you can open your E9 etz in E10 to utilise this new feature, then save and open the file in E9 to sync and make any alterations if you desire.

What if we need to totally restructure our timetable, can you help us with that?

For timetable restructuring or more complex requirements, you will need to take up one of our paid consulting services so we can give you more specialised support. You can book a screenshare with one of our experts by emailing 

How can we use this data in Edval Daily?

Syncing to Edval Daily is currently being investigated. If you have ideas for what can be helpful, please fill in this survey

Request access to this feature!