TES Global Acquires Timetabling Software Business Edval

  • Deal is a unique opportunity to integrate a leading provider of school timetabling software with the world’s largest online community of teachers.
  • Acquisition builds on Tes Global’s strategic investments in essential software enabled services for schools and teachers.
  • Edval has been assisting schools with timetabling for the past 11 years and has a raft of effective software services to answer their needs.

London: 2nd December 2019

Tes Global (“Tes”), the digital education business, has acquired Edval (“Edval Education Pty Ltd”), a leading provider of school timetabling software.

The acquisition of Edval will expand the portfolio of software enabled services that Tes provides to schools. It also enhances Tes’ credentials as a home for successful EdTech innovation. Schools and teachers worldwide will benefit from easier access to high quality digital services.

Edval provides software that simplifies school timetabling. Their tools make the whole process less time consuming and more efficient for schools. Using Edval can help schools save money and improve staff retention through smarter scheduling. They offer the broadest set of timetabling features in the market and help schools avoid dependency on one ‘timetabling guru’. Edval are the ‘masters of timetabling’ and enjoy a 98% customer retention rate on their products.

The company was founded by two brothers, Tim and Chris Cooper. It originated from Tim’s PhD research into secondary school scheduling in 1993. The company was fully established in 1998 and has since become the ‘go to’ for schools across Australia and South East Asia for timetabling help.

The addition of Edval’s timetabling software will help Tes succeed in its mission to help teachers and schools worldwide improve the lives of children through education.

Rob Grimshaw, CEO of TES Global said: “We’re delighted that Edval will be joining the Tes family. We know that schools find timetabling incredibly frustrating. With the software solutions Edval offer, we will be able to help more schools with these challenges.

Thousands of teachers and pupils have benefitted from Edval’s unique approach to timetabling. We are excited about the opportunity to make these benefits available to the 25,000 schools Tes works with worldwide. The acquisition of Edval is an important addition to our portfolio. It’s the next step of our transformation into an international provider of software enabled services to schools and teachers”. 


Joint statement from Chris Cooper and Tim Cooper – Co-founders and Michael Emmanuel – MD:

“We have been passionate about helping schools and teachers timetable effectively for over 20 years, so it is an amazing opportunity to bring this knowledge and expertise to more people across the world through Tes’ ownership which is well aligned with our vision, that every school on earth will use Edval technology to timetable their school. Our success in building Edval could not have been achieved without our brilliant team. We would like to thank them all for getting us to where we are today and we look forward to working with them all as we take on this next exciting chapter of our journey”.


About Tes

Tes believes in the power of great teaching. Its mission is to support and connect teachers and schools worldwide, helping them to improve children’s lives through education.

With more than 13m teachers in its online community and working relationships with 25,000 schools in over 100 countries, Tes has the scale to make a difference. Tes helps schools find the teachers they need; it brings new teachers into the profession through initial teacher training; it provides teachers with continuous professional development and tools to help them succeed in the classroom; it brings educators together online so they can share expertise and it provides them with vital news and information about education.

Tes is a leader in using digital technology to make life easier for schools and teachers. The services offered through Tes.com play a critical role helping teachers and school leaders deal with the challenges of providing high quality education to millions of children across the globe. Strategically, Tes is focused on transforming itself into a software business, delivering an expanding portfolio of smart, flexible and cost-effective services over the web. As a brand, Tes draws on a rich heritage stretching back over 100 years and the unique place it occupies at the centre of the education community.

Tes is a global company employing over 600 people and operating across 20 offices, including in London, Sheffield, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Dubai.


About Edval

Edval are the ‘masters of school timetabling’. They provide software that simplifies school timetabling, making the whole process less time consuming, more efficient, more accessible and more secure for schools.

A school timetable is its heartbeat and Edval’s mission is to provide the tools to keep the school running in top condition. Its timetabling software helps schools to:

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Plan efficient and student centric curriculum
  • Construct, optimise and analyse timetables
  • Run their day to day operations
  • Synchronise, Export and Print timetables. We proudly integrate with over 70 different EdTech systems worldwide

Edval have the broadest and most advanced set of timetabling features compared to other products in the marketplace and enjoy 98% customer retention rate on their products. With over 20 year’s expertise on timetabling algorithms and software, they are proud of their solutions for schools.