Allocating School Resources to Electives

Allocating School Resources For Electives

Are your elective lines like the proverbial big yellow school bus, taking all your students on the same tired old journey? Perhaps it is time to change the ageing school bus for a fleet of modern, fuel efficient, smaller electric vehicles. Drive your resources better, as you take students in new and innovative directions on their educational journey.

Decide What Classes Run

Once the majority of student requests have been submitted, the process of identifying what classes to actually run in the next year can begin. This is a critical process, as it directly and significantly affects the educational pathways of students. It also directly affects the school: in staffing budgets, HR aspects , and reputation. There are many aspects to consider, such as:

Good timetablers will generate lines that satisfy not only current, but also anticipated future demand.

Student Interest

Schools often focus on the number of student requests for a given subject as the key metric to consider. However, it is far more valuable to assess the aggregate level of interest for the subject – not the number of ‘votes’, but the degree of importance of these votes. You may end up cutting a subject with more votes if it has less ‘subject interest’ than another subject which has fewer votes, but a lot more interest because of the level of the students’ preferences.