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Monday 9th March – Reduce Disruption through better timetabling

Reduce disruption by reducing teacher and student movement around the school; reduce split classes – so reduce meeting time, planning time, marking time, “know my teacher’s name” issues with multiple teacher assignments. Reduce disruption by improving teachers’ timetables: better spreads of lessons across the cycle; reduce the number of after school meetings; reduce student behaviour issues by reducing clash points as students move around the school; reduce behaviour issues by using Edval’s “mischievous Pairs” and “Buddy” reporting and control algorithms. Learn these techniques and MORE in our 3rd free webinar.

Monday 23rd March – How to achieve student satisfaction through improved Options choices

The fourth of our series of webinars exploring improved timetabling through the timetable process. In this webinar we showcase our Edval Choice software that makes available online Option choices for students. Combined with our timetable software, we demonstrate the ease of creating more effective Option forms, designed to support bespoke student Options forms; importing student option choices from our cloud-based platform; creating Option Blocks, balancing class sizes, creating class lists and allowing for updates and changes to student courses.

Monday 20th April – The Master Grid – timetable construction

Edval’s Master Grid is where construction of a timetable happens. Through this webinar we will show how our powerful algorithms match your school’s specific weightings to generate an outstanding timetable. We will look at how we use “magic squares” and blocked Year blocks to start the construction process, setting bespoke weights to reflect your school’s priorities, and our improvement tools to achieve an optimised, clash-free timetable

Monday 11th May – Master Timetablers – fine tuning and analysis tools

In the penultimate webinar of our timetable construction cycle, we look at how Edval helps to make the process of fine tuning more efficient, less time consuming and analytical. We take you through our powerful autorooming proces, show how fine tuning of the timetable through teacher swaps and how our timetable weights system allows for automated optimisation. So that you know your timetable is an improvement on anything you have achieved before, we will show you how our audit and analysis reports let you share improvement metrics with the School Leadership Team, Business Manager, and Governor.

Monday 8th June – Financial planning, cost saving and optimisation

Our final webinar in the series – we will demonstrate how Edval allows schools to budget more smartly: planning recruitment and retention more effectively. We will take you through our built-in reports and analysis tools to show actual financial savings, and other time saving elements to an effective timetable that may be less easily demonstrated. We will also introduce you to our growing research base around the UK and globally, where timetable metrics are explored, tested, refined, and the evidence-base for our solutions supports school transformation at all levels.