Make your teachers happier and healthier with better timetabling

A school with happier teachers has reduced staff absences, better staff retention, and ultimately better student outcomes. Learn to improve the wellbeing of your teachers through your timetable by watching our recorded webinar.

Rethink flexible working for your staff

When it comes to schools, staff who require flexibility or reduced hours are often considered an inconvenience. However by rethinking the problem and identifying innovative solutions, part-time staff can be seen as a rich asset, not an obstacle.

Learn how to better manage flexible working in your school timetable in our free ebook. 

Why your teachers are taking time off

Teacher absences are bad news for everyone concerned, however, sometimes it’s not as it seems. There can be more to a ‘sick day’ than meets the eye. Sometimes, staff are not really suffering from illness but are rather compensating for a poor timetable.

Reduce teacher workload with smarter timetabling

The school timetable is the main place where ‘work’ is allocated to teachers. It is the source of truth that tells them where to go, which classes to teach, when they should be in class, take breaks and meet. 

The three biggest areas teachers’ identify as leading to unnecessary workload are; marking, planning, and data management. Therefore, to reduce teacher workload, you need to focus on the timetable. 

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Small ways to make your staff feel valued

We all want to feel valued, and in a landscape where more and more teachers are leaving the profession, showing your teachers are valued is an important part of creating a good team culture and personal wellbeing.

Check out our suggestions for 8 small (and easy) things you can do to make staff in your school feel valued.

Improve staffing with your timetable

Staffing is one of the largest expenses in a school and, educationally, the most influential. It is important to get the best possible staffing for the school for financial and also educational reasons. 

In our free ebook, we explore how you can ‘staff smarter’ and improve the experience for everyone.

How to attract and retain talented teachers

A career educating the next generation is not for the faint of heart. The tough nature of teaching has contributed to high levels of teacher turnover and shortages throughout Australia, the UK, US and beyond. 

So what can be done to attract, support and retain valuable staff? In the article below, we explore some of the many ways schools are trying to build a healthy staff culture.

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Manage staff anxiety and wellbeing

With Staff Pulse, you can send short, anonymous surveys to give your staff a voice and capture what it’s like to work at your school. In scoring and commenting, staff can be totally honest without fear of judgement or repercussion. You can decide on an action plan and track its effectiveness, allowing you to act on staff wellbeing. Staff Pulse can help you identify and celebrate successes, as well as areas that need attention.

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