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Edval is a timetable management program that facilitates rapid construction of the school timetable using a combination of school determined business rules and automated processes.

Construction of the timetable is assisted by algorithms that can fix clashes and optimise the spread of lessons over the timetable cycle according to the captured requirements for teachers, rooms, classes and students.

Edval can auto-staff and auto-room the timetable as well as duty rosters, study rosters and on-call rosters. Edval can generate complex elective lines for single or multiple year levels and facilitates comprehensive class list management, such as auto-population of classes, gender balancing of students and collapsing and/or balancing classes across elective lines among many other functions.

Edval Daily works in association with Edval by overlaying the day to day variations of a school calendar to the cyclical timetable (as created in Edval).

Edval Daily records excursions, events and other non-cyclical timetable activities as well as staff absences.  Resulting classes requiring supervision and duties can be covered with casual teachers, extras, in-lieus, underloads, via teacher swaps or any other available teacher, either automatically or manually or they can be merged together to reduce the overall number of classes to cover, saving schools money.

The Daily bulletin and day sheets that show a teacher’s timetable for the day, their classes, covers, room changes, duties and events/excursions can be emailed or printed. Edval Daily also includes automated Exam block scheduling in 5 steps including auto-staffing and rooming.

Edval Choice is a seamlessly integrated module of Edval that allows student subject selection forms to be configured and managed from within Edval and student preferences – collected online – to be easily pulled back into the Edval timetable file for line generation. No separate modules, no importing or exporting of data.

Edval Choice ensures that students select the correct number, type and combination of subjects to meet the school’s curriculum requirements as configured in Edval and records the time of student selection submission. It can also be used for sport selections and prefect voting as well and provides a secure web-based interface for students to view their own timetable including daily changes.

Edval licenses its software on an annual basis.  We do not lock our customers into contracts.

Only one user can access Edval at a time.  If another user tries to access Edval while another user is already accessing, they will be given ‘read only’ access to the file or asked to ‘take control’ of the file.

Yes, Edval integrates with over 50 different Student Information Systems / Student Management Systems, Learning Management systems and other systems through either a web services synchronisation or flat file export / import.

Edval integrates with EBS : Central via 3PI bi-directional synchronisation using the SIF standard.  Integration with Sentral is also bi-directional via the LISS standard.

Edval is a Windows only product, however if the MAC can run Windows via VMWARE or in parallel to MAC OS Edval can run in the Windows environment on a MAC.

Edval Daily, Edval Choice and Edval Interviews are all cloud based solutions. Edval is not a cloud based solution.

Once you have requested an invoice from Edval, this will trigger a ‘Request for Data’ email with instructions as to how to send your current school timetable table with supporting information to Edval. The migration process takes approximately 2 weeks, while we migrate your timetable data into an Edval format. You are encouraged to attend your first day of training (D1 – Timetable Essentials) during this time or soon thereafter (depending on availability).

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