We are looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful Edval customers and friends at EdvalX Perth on Tuesday May 4, 2021 in room Botanical 3 at Crown Perth.

Given over a year has passed since our original agenda was delivered, and in light of feedback received for our two previous events in Sydney and Melbourne last year, we have tweaked the EdvalX Perth event agenda to make it more current and relevant to our Perth audience.

Our theme for EdvalX is eXceed. We believe in exceeding the expectations of our clients and we want you to also exceed in your schools, whether it’s through a holistic and well delivered curriculum, a well organised and optimised timetable, more balanced teacher workloads, improved students outcomes and more!

The agenda for the event is shown below. Check back regularly as we will add more information before the event.

We hope that you can join us and look forward to seeing you there.

Our Agenda





Registration and arrival tea & coffee

No Presenter



Michael Emmanuel


Elective Line Generation: Good. Better. Best

Good elective lines form the foundation of any good timetable. This session will demonstrate the various approaches to generating elective lines in Edval. Learn how to maximise student satisfaction across multiple year levels, while considering resources (teachers and rooms) and explore advanced techniques such as reprocessing lines.

Debra Calanna


Morning Tea

No Presenter


Timetabling to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

The automation and power of Edval provides the timetabler many opportunities during timetable development and construction to quickly explore ‘what if’ scenarios that may provide significant savings to your school. This session delves into timetabling processes in Edval and practices in Edval Daily that you can use to minimise costs without compromising educational outcomes for your students. 

Debra Calanna



No Presenter


Panel Discussion: Innovative Curriculum Structures

Hear from experienced timetablers who have successfully implemented an innovative approach to their schools’ curriculum using Edval. 

Debra Calanna

Vince Bellini

Sheevaun Darby

Clint Wiltshire


Customer Advocacy Awards

In this session, we recognise those customers who continually promote and support Edval by participating in activities such as beta testing our software, speaking to other schools on our behalf, providing testimonials, participating in case studies or media interviews.

Michael Emmanuel


Event Close

No Presenter

Our Presenters

Michael Emmanuel

Michael is the Managing Director of Edval Education. He has been with the company for over 10 years and was employee number 2. Michael joined the company in a customer support role having left a successful career in tourism and hospitality in the pursuit of a more sustainable work life balance. 

Michael has contributed to the sustained growth of the company and has influenced it’s culture, values, product direction, brand, and people. Michael is committed to taking Edval as a company and product to as many schools around the world as possible. He believes that our products and services make a genuine, positive impact in education be it through the delivery of better timetables, a simpler and less time consuming approach in building a timetable, improved transparency and equity amongst teacher workload and greater student satisfaction by granting the highest possible student elective choices.

Michael understands the importance of delivery and exceeding expectations with any and all engagements involving customers and teams and he is thrilled that you have taken time out of your busy day to be at this event.

Debra Calanna

Debra, or Deb, as she is known to many, has worked for Edval since 2016 and still considers every day, working together with our schools, a privilege.

Prior to joining Edval, Deb had a number of roles, including being a Dairy farmer for many years, before joining the SA Education Department to work on a pilot Retention Program for ‘At risk students’ and teaching and supporting NESB (non English speaking background) students.

Deb then moved to CESA, working at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart for a number of years. It was there that Deb was introduced to Edval and its many benefits, so joining Edval was a ‘no brainer’ as she saw it as an opportunity to introduce further schools to the time and cost saving benefits that Edval provides!

Vince Belini

Vince is currently the Vice Principal of Emmanuel Catholic College in Perth and is responsible for timetabling at the College. He has been teaching in the Science and Religious Education learning areas for twenty seven years.

Working in the Catholic system in Western Australia, Vince has taught in both country and city schools in a variety of roles including Head of Year, Head of Learning Area and Deputy Principal.

In his role as Vice Principal at Emmanuel, Vince has been working with a dedicated team of staff to develop a timetable that not only meets the nominal hours for subjects but also delivers pastoral care programs for students. He has also been involved in leading programs for Staff Wellbeing, especially in the areas of timetabling and even more so during the remote learning period.

Sheevaun Darby

Sheevaun is currently the Deputy Principal at St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School and previously Dean of Admin (Timetabler).

An experienced timetabler, Sheevaun has navigated her way through introducing Edval into two different schools over the past 10 years. Presented with a series of coloured discs in handover to ‘help’ with an extremely complicated timetable, she was able to implement an Edval timetable for the first time at her school.

Sheevaun loves the challenge of timetabling, the puzzles and conundrums, but especially the opportunity to work with other leaders in her school to deliver possibilities that are outside the box. She sees timetabling as a relational exercise as much as a mathematical puzzle. She loves timetabling almost as much as her beloved Dockers!!

Clint Wiltshire

Clint has worked for Government schools for close to twenty years, firstly as a HPE Teacher, then Head of Learning Area, and then as Deputy Principal in 2015.

Most recently, Clint was employed as an Associate Principal at a brand new school, which opened in 2019 with its first cohort of Year 7 students, Hammond Park Secondary College.

As part of the new role, Clint was allocated Timetabling, an aspect of strategic development that was unfamiliar to him, but with a willingness to learn new skills and access innovative Timetabling resources/solutions, a relationship with Edval was born!!