Edval Platinum

Edval Timetable has reduced the administrative burden required for timetabling and improved the overall quality and transparency of timetables in schools around the world for over 20 years. Edval Platinum helps your school plan and build your timetable with richer data that considers detailed requirements in turn saving you even more time.

Plan and build your timetable with richer data and save even more time

Here’s how Edval Platinum’s new features can support your school:
One-button improve: fix clashes and improve class spreads simultaneously
Flex working: improve timetabling of part-time teachers with our option to automatically split non-specified days off, into half days off
Auto-build: better construct your timetable by adding years levels and blocks in an intelligent sequence, concurrently solving clashes, optimising class spreads and allocating flexible days/half days off for part-timers
Overlapping line generation: define multiple resources, generate lines for multiple year levels and easily integrate core subjects as lines into the elective line solution

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