iSams Timetabling with Edval

iSams is a popular school management system in the UK, which works well for timetabling with Edval. This integration gives schools access to better algorithms and additional features, allowing them to create or improve the school timetable, generate option blocks, streamline the timetabling process and achieve better schedules as a result.

Edval easily integrates with iSams using the following methods:

Text file import

iSams allows import of the timetable via a TTExport.txt file.

This file can be produced using Edval and uploaded to iSams.

For importing, see these iSams instructions here and here.


iSams also supports the NovaT format, which can be produced via:
NovaT6 > Data > Export to third party systems.

This produces several files which can be uploaded to iSams.

For exporting from iSams, see these instructions.


Data Integrators

Edval can also integrate with iSams using data aggregators like Wonde or Assembly if desired (but not for timetable publishing).


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