Edval Primary

“Primary School timetabling is easy….” a comment that we often hear, yet Primary School timetables can be complex, with their own specific requirements and nuances. While many Primary Schools use Edval for timetabling, we realised we could do better. Rather than trying to adapt our current market leading software, designed for secondary schools, we developed Edval Primary.

Edval Primary

Edval Primary is our exciting, new cloud-based timetabling product. With an abundance of automated features, including timetable construction and yard duties, a school’s timetabler can login and produce a complete timetable quickly and efficiently. No training required.

So replace your bits of paper, sticky notes and spreadsheets, and let Edval Primary help you get back to doing what you love…teaching!


Current features

Automated scheduling of specialist lessons

Consideration given to part-timer requirements

Efficient use of school resources with improved timetables for students and staff

Colour coded timetable views for teachers, student groups, year levels, rooms

Accurate tracking of teaching minutes for each subject and student group

Equitable allocation of non-contact (RFF, NIT, DOTT) time for core teachers

Transparency with all data contained in one place for easy reference

Yard Duty Roster completed automatically, in seconds

Class list management: automatically assign students to classes using parameters for pairings/separation

Coming soon


Reporting of allocated subject time for ACARA requirements and Key Learning Areas

Co-curricular support

Functionality to add special interest programs and support lessons


Syncing to Edval Daily and major SIS products

A complete Primary timetable created in less than an hour.

What are you waiting for?