Bromcom is a popular UK school management system that works well for timetabling with Edval. Our integration gives schools access to better algorithms and additional features, allowing them to create or improve the school timetable, generate option blocks, streamline the timetabling process and achieve better schedules as a result. Edval easily integrates with Bromcom using the following methods:

Direct connection with Bromcom

Edval supports web direct integration with Bromcom, via their API, to read teachers, rooms, classes, students and (existing) timetables. The upload of timetables is done via a flat file produced by Edval. The Bromcom API supports all integration directly other than upload of timetables, which is done via the flat file method.

Data integrators

Edval currently supports Wonde or Assembly integration with Bromcom as another option. These providers act as intermediaries between the MIS and third party product such as Edval. Some may prefer integration be done through these providers (consistency in data management overall / security) even if Edval can directly connect with the MIS, as is already the case with Bromcom. Edval could also easily integrate Bromcom via GroupCall if requested, being another data integrator widely used in Schools.

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